Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Start Your School Year with Authentic Relationship and Community Building 

In these activities, students greet each other respectfully and then share interesting, meaningful activities that draw them together while practicing speaking and listening skills.

 They become more open to diverse people and cultures, ready to take a stand for equity. Such connections and understandings help create the optimal social emotional conditions for learning. They foster awareness of social biases and reveal possibilities for transforming them. 

       The activities are grouped by the domains of Teaching Tolerance’s Anti-bias Framework: Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action, with five advisories in each domain. 
See the entire guide HERE.

Powerful Literacy

Dr. Ernest Morrell, Professor of English at Notre Dame, and frequent guest speaker for SOEL and Responsive Mathematics, talks here about Powerful Literacy.  In listening to his definition we can see what is often lost among our mandates, programs, and test scores when it comes to thinking about what it means to be a literate individual. 

Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Echoes and Reflections: Holocaust Professional Learning
Supporting educators and their students with the courage to question the past and the knowledge to impact the future.  

Join us October 9 & 10 at WISD from 9:00-3:00
  • Meet the public act requirement for teaching the Holocaust and other genocides.
  • Discover and utilize classroom-ready digital lesson plans, visual history testimonies, and additional primary source materials.
  • Align the curriculum to your school improvement plan strategies and district needs.
  • Make connections with what you are already do in your classrooms.
  • Enhance personal knowledge about the Holocaust and other genocides.