Friday, October 28, 2016


Engaging and Motivating Readers! 

In No More Reading for Junk: Best Practices for Motivating Readers, Marinak and Gambrell point out the research against extrinsic rewards for reading, such as tokens or food.  

Reading rewards should be related to reading!   
Reading related rewards include: 

  • "Book Blessings" (promoting books)
  • Encouraging social interaction around books
  • Allowing students choice of where and what to read
  • Honoring all print (books, comics, newspapers...)
  • Promoting reading for a variety of purposes
  • Encouraging honest critiques
  • Showing examples of a book you didn't like- and explain why. 
  • Celebrating all reading- not just completion of books. 
To learn more, read No More Reading for Junk.

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