Monday, January 4, 2016


Vocabulary is Where It's At!

One of the key indicators of students' success in school, on tests, and certainly in life, is their vocabulary.  There are many ways to approach the teaching of vocabulary. Check out this ReadWriteThink collection for ideas at every level, including concept sorts and Word Walls. 

     Professional Development in 2016! 

BLiC-  Blended Learning in the Classroom 

*One face-to-face meeting January 20th 4:30-7:30, followed by 15 weeks online.

 This free Blended Learning in the Classroom course is led by a highly trained instructor and will prepare participants to effectively create their own blended environment. Through active and timely praxis, participants will engage in learning, application, review, and revision of their own blended environment. This course is for classroom teachers of students of all ages, covering the theory, pedagogy, and technical elements of online work in the blended classroom. Please see the informational video here.

*SCHECHS available 
 Register HERE 

Reading Apprenticeship Training:5 Day Cross Content 

This training is a full five days: February 22, 23, 24 AND March 22, 23  REGISTER HERE 

This updated training includes five full days of content with three trained facilitators, a binder of materials to use during and after the training, and a copy of the best-selling and newly updated book, Reading for Understanding, which describes the Reading Apprenticeship framework with examples from many subject area classrooms, ranging from middle school through community college.

 Reading Apprenticeship® is a research-based and research-proven instructional framework for improving the academic literacy of middle school, high school, and college students.
Three recent randomized controlled studies found that students in Reading Apprenticeship classrooms made significant gains in literacy and disciplinary knowledge. They also developed more positive academic identities and dispositions for reading and learning.

$250     SCHECHS Available  

Assessing Student Metacognition

     This professional development course is for teachers who would like to teach their students to demonstrate metacognitive thought processes through text annotation. This one day class is divided into three parts: first, we consider what metacognition is by looking at the brain science behind the concepts of short term memory and executive function; then we share classroom practices for direct teaching of specific metacognitive reading and writing strategies through text annotation; and finally, we practice how to assess students’ annotations with tools like the Curriculum Embedded Reading Assessment.  $40.00

The 4T Virtual Conference: May 21-23, 2016

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