Friday, December 4, 2015


The IDLL Network

The Inquiry into Disciplinary Literacy and Learning met November 19 on the topic of disciplinary writing.  Our article for that day was Teaching with a Disciplinary Stance, examining the difference between content area literacy and disciplinary literacy. This will prepare the group for the Disciplinary Literacy Showcase on January 14, 2016 at EMU with professors and students.   

Teachers have SOEL! 

Classroom Snapshot #1: Study of Early Literacy elements of Vocabulary, Authentic Purposes for Literacy, & Integration
Text Set
In a collaboration between a K and a 1st grade SOEL teacher, their combined classroom spent time on a very intentional, and relevant project of campaigning and the election process.  Students learned to read, write, and speak about the election process using specific vocabulary words such as campaign, polling booth, debate, election, registration, and ballot, all collected in a journal.  The teachers acted as candidates themselves, modeling slogans and announcement speeches in their running for best Pumpkin Baker. After learning about the election and campaign process through modeling, text sets, and real world examples, students were able to sign up for specific jobs to run a campaign and election process, such as debate team, registration team, and being in charge of ballots. 
   At the end of the project, students created brochures to explain the election process which were then made available to voters on election day, since their school was used as a polling location.  This is purposeful and authentic literacy in action with our youngest learners!

Winter 2016 Professional Development 

BLiC-  Blended Learning in the Classroom 

*One face-to-face meeting January 20th 4:30-7:30, followed by 15 weeks online.
 This free Blended Learning in the Classroom course is led by a highly trained instructor and will prepare participants to effectively create their own blended environment. Through active and timely praxis, participants will engage in learning, application, review, and revision of their own blended environment. This course is for classroom teachers of students of all ages, covering the theory, pedagogy, and technical elements of online work in the blended classroom. Please see the informational video here.

*SCHECHS available 
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Reading Apprenticeship Training:5 Day Cross Content 

This training is a full five days: February 22, 23, 24 AND March 22, 23  REGISTER HERE 

This updated training includes five full days of content with three trained facilitators, a binder of materials to use during and after the training, and a copy of the best-selling and newly updated book, Reading for Understanding, which describes the Reading Apprenticeship framework with examples from many subject area classrooms, ranging from middle school through community college.

 Reading Apprenticeship® is a research-based and research-proven instructional framework for improving the academic literacy of middle school, high school, and college students.
Three recent randomized controlled studies found that students in Reading Apprenticeship classrooms made significant gains in literacy and disciplinary knowledge. They also developed more positive academic identities and dispositions for reading and learning.

$250     SCHECHS Available