Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Connected Reading

  On October 8th, Dr. Troy Hicks led a workshop on approaches for digital texts. As we adopt smartphones and tablets for 1:1 instruction, we need to review our efforts at comprehension instruction for all kinds of digital texts. Based on a survey of over 800 adolescents, Troy and participants discussed principles of "Connected Reading" and how we can adapt existing comprehension strategies in digital spaces, and explored new opportunities for finding, managing, and reflecting on digital texts. See our whole day documented on the companion Wikispace.

The SAT Essay  

4T Virtual Conference Needs Presenters!

     We are seeking motivated, imaginative, and forward-thinking educators to present at our 4T (Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology) Virtual Conference in May 2016. These K-12 teachers and administrators use technology to enhance communication and learning in their classrooms and schools. Read more and apply HERE!

     Upcoming Professional Development

Thursday, October 1, 2015


The IDLL Network

Our Inquiry into Disciplinary Literacy and Learning (IDLL) group met for the first time on September 24. With our foundation of Reading Apprenticeship and Writing Collaborative, we are coming together to take a deeper dive into the latest work around disciplinary literacy in grades 4-12. We read Collaborating for Success: The Vital Role of Content Teachers in Developing Disciplinary Literacy with Students in Grades 6-12.  Read with us if you'd like to get a taste for what IDLL is all about!

A Network with SOEL

The Study of Early Literacy (SOEL) network welcomed new members on September 30, launching our third year of learning and practice around early literacy instruction in grades PreK-3.  Some of our studies will include Dr. Tanya Wright's (MSU) All About Words and Dr. Nell Duke's  (UM) Information in Action.   

Finding Informational Text

Research has proven that students in all grades should be reading informational text throughout their day, but sometimes it is difficult to find appropriate informational texts outside the textbooks. ReadWorks.org has a collection of K-12 science articles, searchable passages by topic and lexile and grade level articles.

Upcoming Professional Development

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