Friday, September 26, 2014


Look What's Happening in our Literacy Networks

Study of Early Literacy- SOEL 

In our first meeting of the school year we reviewed our learning from our first year, and planned for our action research this year with Dr. Cathy Fleischer from EMU.   We are working on implementing best practices in early literacy around vocabulary, inquiry and collaboration, classroom culture, integration and assessment.

Reading Apprenticeship- Disciplinary Reading

Dr. Elizabeth Moje from the UM visited our group to discuss disciplinary literacy. Dr. Moje reinforced the importance of how "developing navigational skills (in disciplinary reading) allows for literate, educated citizens."  

Writing Collaborative- Disciplinary Writing

Dr. Troy Hicks from CMU visited our group to share his new book Crafting Digital Writing with us and kick off our year of study around this text. By looking at the MAPS- Mode, Media, Audience, Purpose and situation we can think about how best to approach 21st century writing.  Our notes, with links to tools, can be seen on Troy's Wikispace.


Upcoming Literacy Professional Development

Fall K-12 Literacy Summit on Speaking and Listening with Erik Palmer

Many states have changed standards to increase emphasis on the most important language art: speaking. This presentation centers on the art of effective oral communication. Speaking skills are broken into manageable, teachable parts to speak well in a variety of settings.  Participants will come away with an understanding of the elements of successful speaking.

Drawing upon twenty years of success, the ideas presented will change how participants think about speaking.  Whether the goal is improved class discussions, improved formal speeches, or improved one on one communication, this presentation will give teachers a new framework to improve student speaking in the classroom and beyond.

Visit the site devoted to speaking and listening ideas:

Outside WISD/LESA Literacy Network Guests REGISTER HERE

Inside WISD/LESA Literacy Networks: contact Melissa Brooks-Yip


Writing Collaborative- Helping teachers and students understand writing in the content areas in order to make explicit the processes and strategies needed to improve student writing, including:

  • What we do when we write
  • Practice of successful writers
  • Helping students measure metacognition
  • Four sure things teachers can do to improve student writing
All trainings are three days in length: 

  • Fall 2014-  October 21, 22, and November 5
  • Winter 2015- February 25, 26, and March 12


Reading Apprenticeship-

 Participants will:

1. Learn about the RA framework and instructional practices that
    support students' reading improvement
2. Develop and refine their own classroom practices in RA
3. Learn powerful instructional strategies that support
    content-area reading, writing, and thinking
4. Learn a set of rich routines to support the
   'metacognitive' conversation at the heart of RA

Training- Winter 2015: February 3, 4 and 24.   REGISTER HERE

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