Tuesday, September 23, 2014

K-12 Literacy Summits

Existing literacy networks at WISD, Study of Early Literacy (SOEL) Reading Apprenticeship (RA), and Writing Collaborative (WC), each focus on particular elements of literacy instruction and grade levels.  However, the literacy umbrella is wide, and often topics arise that are of interest and importance to teachers of all subject areas and grade levels.

       The K-12 Literacy Summits scheduled for this year will bring together K-12 educators on:

  • Speaking and Listening: October 1, 2014 with ASCD author Erik Palmer

  • Socially and Culturally Relevant Literacy: January 21, 2015 with Dr. Ernest Morrell of Columbia University.

  • Digital Literacy: April 23, 2015 with Dr. Troy Hicks of Central Michigan University
K-12 Literacy Summits.png

Contact Melissa Brooks-Yip with questions: 734-994-8100 X1266 or   mbrooksyip@washtenawisd.org

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