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April is National Poetry Month! 

NATIONAL POETRY MONTH is not just for English teachers! 

Inspire the Next Poet Laureate!
     Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month is now held every April, when schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers and poets throughout the country join to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events. Here are some helpful links.
 Edutopia offers a number of resources, including perspectives on how to teach poetry, classroom activities, and inspirational videos. 

• At the American Academy of Poets, educators can sign up to get a free poster and check out other resources celebrating the event, including 30 ways to celebrate poetry.

• The National Poetry Foundation houses many helpful tools online, including Poetry Magazine, monthly podcasts (try "Without the Blues There Would Be No Jazz"), poetry tours of cities, information about how your class can participate in the national poetry contest, Poetry Out Loud, and a browser to search poets and poetry by genre.  

• The Library of Congress offers Poetry 180, a poem a day for American high school students. 

Writing in the Digital Age

     In this Edutopia Big Thinkers video, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, co-director of the National Writing Project, talks about writing in the digital age and how writing has evolved.  How has communication through writing changed?  As you watch and listen to Elyse, think about how this applies to your classroom, your students, and your teaching. 

Professional Development

Writing Collaborative (grades 4-12)

  • April 29, 30, and May 16, 2014 at WISD 8:30-3:30 
  •  June 18, 19, 20  2014 at WISD 8:30-3:30
*All details, costs, and registrations can be found on WISDGoSignMeUP!

Reading Apprenticeship (grades 4-12)

April 22, 23 and May 14, 2014 at WISD 8:30-3:30 


June 24, 25, 26 at WISD 8:30-3:30 

*All details, costs, and registrations can be found on WISDGoSignMeUP!

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