Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to SOEL, RA and WC! 

                                                             WISD/LESA Literacy

Happy Holidays to all educators involved in the literacy initiatives at WISD and LESA!   Enjoy your well deserved break!


Motivating Students to READ over the Holiday Break!

Franki Sibberson of Choice Literacy suggests that teachers help students organize some reading time into their holiday break with this organizer: 

Thinking Ahead to Vacation Reading

When will you have time over vacation to read? Will it be short bursts or long periods of time?

Is there a book you’ve been hoping to finish? What is the title?

Will you be in the car or on a plane for a long time? What kind of books might you take?

What places will you visit that you might like to read about?

Will you have time during the days without much to do? Is there a book you’ve been hoping to
read that you haven’t had time for?

What nonfiction topics would you like read about?

What internet sites would you like to visit (favorite authors, magazines, etc.)?

What magazines or quick reads would you like to have on hand for short bursts of reading?

Which relatives might you like to read with? What might you read to/with them?

Is there anyone you’ll see over the holidays who you like to talk with about books?
What are you most excited to chat with them about at this time?

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