Friday, April 5, 2013

April Literacy Newsletter

     Free Webinar on the CCSS Shifts

     Need a review of the shifts of the CCSS?  Educational experts have been conducting Webinars on the topic over the last few years, and many are starting to post these online for free access.  Check out this one by Dr. Timothy Shanahan, a current professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Director of the Center for Literacy, and past president of the International Reading Association, among other leadership roles in elementary literacy.   This Webinar is one hour long, but is very informational and time well spent if you still have questions surrounding the CCSS, especially for K-12 literacy.

Digital Literacy 

 No one can deny that the definition of literacy now includes being able to read and write digital text.  Recent research suggests that teachers can provide targeted instruction in the early grades to help students learn to read critically online. 

Specific focus areas might include strategies for:
1. Identifying the author of a website
2. Determining how current the information is.
3. Integrating website content together with background knowledge to judge the usefulness and variety of information.
4. Examining the URL to determine whether a site serves commercial or educational interests (.com, .org, .edu...)
(from "Technology in the Literacy Program" in Best Practices of Literacy Leaders, 2012).