Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reading Street Updates

CCSS Teacher Manual Inserts
     Everyone (even K and 3rd grade teachers) will be receiving new Common Core State Standard tabs for all Reading Street teacher manuals.  You can insert these in your manuals at the beginning of each week's plans. If you have not already gotten them, I, or your ELA chair will be delivering them to you next week.

New Weekly Test Booklets
     Everyone will also be receiving a CCSS edition of the Weekly Test Booklets- both a teacher manual and student edition to copy.  These will be coming to you next week as well.

Don't forget: January 17th PD on SmartBoard Lessons for Reading Street
There are still about 12 spots left!

Copies of Unit Assessments
     During the first round of Reading Street Unit tests, I ordered, organized and sent out copies to all buildings. This proved to be difficult and time consuming, but a also a waste of paper, since I made copies that some teachers did not need due to the way they administered the test.
     For this second round, we've tried to organize this    with one person at each building. This, too, has proven to be difficult and time consuming for one person to do at this level. 
    We've come to the conclusion that this needs to be an individual responsibility. For Unit 3 and beyond,  arrange well ahead of time for your own copies of these Unit Assessments.  If you need copies for all of your students, please make sure you send orders to Lisa Scott at the copy center well ahead of time. 

Observations or Feedback
     Quite a few teachers observed others teaching Reading Street or had another teacher observe and provide feedback and have found both quite helpful while adjusting his/her own craft of teaching.  If you'd like to either observe another teacher teaching Reading Street, or have someone else observe you and provide feedback, please e-mail or call me to arrange it:   333-7621

Happy Holidays!

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