Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It's already time to head back!  With professional development on CCSS and Reading Street coming up next week, I'm revisiting some topics on this blog from the spring, and adding some additional information.

Common Core State Standards:
The Ingham ISD gave an information session in March:

-This shows a draft of the connections between state standards (GLCES and HSCES) and the CCSS for ELA

-These are K‑12 ELA Curriculum Maps aligned with the CCSS:

-Current news from ASCD

-There are many useful documents I've stored on our Companion Wikispace:

 -Documents detailing the alignment of the CCSS with Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) and High School Content Expectations (HSCE) in English Language Arts and Mathematics are now available at 
Educators will need to unfold these standards in order to compare them to current classroom practice and identify adjustments to instruction and materials that support the depth of understanding implicit in the CCSS.



In addition to the resources below, you can now find SmartBoard resources on the ELPS Shared Drive for 1st grade from Okemos teacher Penny Wallace.   Go to the 1st grade folder and see "Penny's Reading Street Files"


Welcome to Reading Street and SmartBoard Goodies were made by teachers and include ideas for:
  • organizing materials (pictures and descriptions)
  • activities for centers in the 90 minute block of instruction
  • Smart Board Activities
  • Parent forms

90 Minute Block:

If you don't already know about this great resource, check out Laura Candler's website called Teaching Resources. She has a whole section explaining the 90 minute block and provides many great templates for organizing centers. This is not tied specifically to Reading Street, but a general structure of a 90 minute block. As you get to know all of the elements of Reading Street, I'm sure you'll see how they plug into this framework of the 90 minute literacy block.