Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reading Street and 90 Minute Block Websites

Reading Street:

Thanks to Jodi Lepla for the following sites filled with Reading Street resources for teachers.

Welcome to Reading Street and SmartBoard Goodies were made by teachers and include ideas for:
  • organizing materials (pictures and descriptions)
  • activities for centers in the 90 minute block of instruction
  • Smart Board Activities
  • Parent forms
and more!

It looks like these give a nice snapshot of how other teachers are implementing Reading Street successfully. I know some of the K-1 Haslett teachers used these sites for the SmartBoard help and the organization tips.

90 Minute Block:

If you don't already know about this great resource, check out Laura Candler's website called Teaching Resources. She has a whole section explaining the 90 minute block and provides many great templates for organizing centers. This is not tied specifically to Reading Street, but a general structure of a 90 minute block. As you get to know all of the elements of Reading Street, I'm sure you'll see how they plug into this framework of the 90 minute literacy block.